Programs + Rates

The Foundations Class is required for all new members with CrossFit Sciath. It consists of 8 sessions over the span of 1 month and will allow the athlete to become familiar with the movements (modalities) of CrossFit, the methodology of CrossFit and the opportunity to perform these movements at an intensity that suits the athlete’s capabilities.

At CrossFit Sciath, there is a graduation process by which the athlete is able to progress in a safe and realistic timeline. After finishing the Foundations, the athlete’s ability to perform the basic movements of CrossFit will be reviewed and if the performance of the athlete in a high-intensity environment is deemed safe and appropriate then they are able to join the group class. If the athlete is still in need of some instruction on the basics then the coach and athlete will continue to work on the basic movements until deemed appropriate.

CrossFit General Classes

All commitments include unlimited sessions/week.
Note: There is an additional $10.00/month Facility Fee

Unlimited access - $189.00 + GST

Up to 3x per Week – $169.00 + GST

Up to 2x per Week - $129.00 + GST

*Receive a discounted rate for the main gym and squash courts when you are an athlete of CrossFit Sciath.

*All contracts require 30 days written notice of cancellation


Individual Training

1-3 sessions/month: $75.00/session

4-7 sessions/month: $70.00/session

8-11 sessions/month: $60.00/session

A 12-16 sessions/month: $50.00/session


Individual Training

If you are interested in learning more or signing up:
Please email Coach Glen at
Or, feel free to text Glen 403-990-7044